Horse Drawn Carriage Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some general questions we receive. Don't let the answers discourage you from contacting us, as some of the information may slightly vary per event and exceptions can be made at times.

For more information or to book our services please call us at 330-532-3866

  • How far do you travel?
    We are located in Ohio, so we cover a majority of the eastern half of Ohio, Western Pennsylvania, and northern West Virginia.
  • How does the horse and carriage get to an event?
    Both horse and carriage are transported by truck & trailer to your event, and then hitched up on site.
  • What is your cost structure?
    Our costs are not flat rate, but based your specific event. We base our costs on how far we need to travel, along with the requirements to complete your event. Almost everything is included in one flat rate.
  • What is the required down payment?
    We require a down payment of 50% of your total balance.
  • What payment methods do you currently accept?
    We accept Credit/Check Card or Check.
  • What about gratuities?
    Although gratuities are greatly appreciated by the driver, they are between you and the driver and are not included in the price quotes.
  • How far in advance do we need to book the carriage or sleigh?
    We always say the sooner the better, as we generally book up quickly.
  • What if it rains/snows/etc?
    In most cases we can still do your event or an condensed version of it as long as there are no safety issues. Most of our carriages have tops and some have clear enclosures that wraps around the outside.
  • Do we need special permits?
    Usually no. The horse and carriage has the same rights to the road as any other vehicle. However, if you're planning an event at a local park or other private property, it's best to call the owners/etc and get permission.
  • Do you decorate the carriage or horse?
    Yes, we do. We try to match the event colors the best we can.
  • What does the driver wear?
    For formal events the driver wears a tuxedo and top hat, less formal attire is also available. However, if you have a themed wedding, we can try to meet your needs with those also.
  • Do the horses leave 'droppings' on the street?
    The horses wear 'Diapers' which catch the manure.