Doli for Traditional South Asian Wedding

Utilizing a Doli, which ranges from a basic canopy supported by bamboo to a highly ornate wooden palanquin, is a beautiful way to pay tribute to tradition in your South Asian or Indian Wedding Ceremony. This tradition dates back hundreds of years and it’s deeply rooted within Indian and South Asian culture. When you’re looking to add glamour and elegance to your Indian or South Asian Wedding, consider Doli rental from Carriage Limousine.

The History of the Wedding Doli

Historically, an Indian Doli Ceremony took place after the wedding and commenced at the bride’s family home. After saying goodbye to her friends and family, the bride would be escorted onto her Doli by her father, and her closest male family members would carry her ceremoniously to her new husband’s home where his family would be anxiously awaiting the arrival of their new daughter.

While more modern transportation is now used to send off the happy couple, Dolis are still an important symbol in Hindu, Sikh and Muslim wedding tradition. An ornate Indian Doli can provide a beautiful and meaningful way for today’s bride to make her grand entrance or exit. It is most often used to carry the bride down the aisle to her groom and make her the center of attention on her wedding day.

Custom Made Doli That Adds Beauty to Any Wedding

At Carriage Limousine, we have our own unique Doli that makes any bride feel like a princess on her big day. This hand-crafted Doli is intricately designed from the inside out and seamlessly blends with Indian and South Asian culture. It is engineered with premium quality wood and offers a comfortable seating area for the bride.

For another level of elegance, we also offer Ghori rentals (a traditional Indian Wedding Horse/Carriage) for the grooms entrance (Baraat) or to send off the happy couple in style after the ceremony. These details are a beautiful way to keep tradition alive while maintaining the modern wedding of your dreams.

If you are planning a South Asian or Indian Wedding in the eastern half of Ohio, western PA or northern West Virginia contact Carriage Limousine today to discuss all of the specialized services that we have to offer. You only get one wedding day, shouldn’t it be everything you have ever wanted?

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